Specialist in controlled fermentation and freezing, BCR has at its disposal, on its Antony site in the Paris region, all the components required to assemble its equipment

The complementary talents of the partners Daniel Bouton and Sylvain Combe, and their knowledge of the baking and pastries, enable the company to respond immediately to market conditions, a fact which is also of benefit to all the installation partners.
There is no need to remind the reader of the history company Bouton et Brique for a link to be established with the BRC team and benefit from over 40 years of experience in the field of Refrigeration in Baking and Pastries.
BCR is an SME on a human scale favouring privileged contacts with its clientele. A large proportion of the equipment is installed by highly specialised local refrigeration engineers or installers. BCR deals with a network of distributors on a national level perfectly competent to install and maintain its equipment, thus guaranteeing the user customer an efficient service and effective monitoring.

At Antony the company has all the equipment required for the construction of all the references, whether for fermentation or freezing, within a minimum period.


A cohesive, experienced team enables the company to follow through on its commitments to its customers.

  • A network of sales teams to optimise the monitoring the regional retailers-installers.
  • Its STAF branch, a manufacturer of moulders, dividers and swing trays, enabling new products to be developed, particularly the PROLEVAIN.
  • Training provided by leading specialists in bakery refrigeration, particularly in controlled fermentation.
  • Production quality.
  • A requirement favouring the development of a leading edge range of products
  • Considerable flexibility for “tailor-made” products.
  • A quality service manager alert to the views of professional refrigeration engineers and pastry bakers

In addition: distribution

In parallel with this manufacturer activity, Daniel Bouton and Sylvain Combe perform another complementary distribution-installation activity in Ile-de-France, with the company AVMA, also based in Antony. With 25 years of experience, as a general installer (stores – pastry laboratory – bakery):

  • Development of the technical qualities
  • SAV, 20 technicians working 24/7.
  • An increasing level of service for its 1300 customers in Ile de France,
  • A supply of “guaranteed renovated” equipment conforming to the regulations currently in force
  • Numerous “turnkey” creations averaging more than one a year.
  • An independent, autonomous company, AVMA also works with independent reputable suppliers